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Martial Arts After Care Program

Kick your Child's World into High Gear! Kids' Karate Programs: Fitness, Fun, Lessons for Life!

Help your child break away from those video games and engage in a stimulating, valuable, activity. Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York offers a Children's Martial Arts program for boys and girls ages four and up. Children will get fit, learn self defense skills, have fun, and build character, while cultivating their skills in the fascinating, ancient practice of martial arts. The best part? Our staff can help your child learn martial arts regardless of athletic ability. Unlike other sports, no one sits on the bench at Delgado Karate Sports! Give your child the gift of fitness, good health, and confidence.

Kids Learn on and off the Mat

Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York offers a Children's Martial Arts program that suits the needs of any child! Regardless of experience level, our staff will works with each individual child to help them develop their martial arts skills. The dynamic classes aren't solely for fitness and fun. In fact, the Martial Arts program can be life changing. Children learn commitment, courtesy, self-discipline, integrity, listening skills, focus, cooperation, and more. This can lead to improved performance in school, positive behavioral changes, and a strong sense of confidence. The Martial Arts program truly provides a mind-body experience for any child.

Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York promises results. Each class features:

  • Exercise: Children gain flexibility, a cardiovascular workout, strength, speed, conditioning, coordination, and an improvement in overall physical fitness.

  • Martial Arts Training: Say goodbye to bullies. The program focuses on practical self-defense that is applicable to real life. While no child is taught to practice martial arts on other children outside of class, and the hope is they will never need to use their training, they will be able to defend themselves if the situation arises.

  • A Workout for the Mind: The focus, dedication, discipline, and confidence gleaned from the program can carry over into all aspect of the child's life.

  • Excitement: In addition to the serious benefits of the Children's Martial Arts program at Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York, kids will have a blast! The fun, fast-paced, dynamic classes will hold their attention and let them expend their energy in a positive, fun environment.

There is a Place for Every Child at Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York

Students are not only placed in classes according to age, but also by experience level. This allows students to receive training that is appropriate for them, thus increasing their confidence and ensuring their success. This non-intimidating environment lets each child have the opportunity to shine. Under the guidance of our instructors children learn at their own pace in safe, fun, classes.

Our Staff will Wow Parents AND Kids!

The instructors at Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York are professional martial artists who have had extensive training in teaching students of all ages. Our teachers are dedicated to challenging children and improving their overall well-being. Students learn the proper techniques in a safe manner to avoid injuries and maximize results. The confidence that will result form the Martial Arts program will help your child develop leadership abilities and emotional maturity to allow them to make better decisions. They'll learn to stand up for themselves in the face of peer pressure and bullies.

Pick-Up the Phone and Get Your Child on the Right Path Today!

Perhaps you want your child to learn self defense skills, engage in a character building activity, or even get in shape. Whatever your goals are, the Children's Martial Arts program at Delgado Karate Sports of Bronx, New York has a place for your child. Help them to become another success story. Call 718-904-1403 and ask one our friendly, knowledgeable team members about our free trial program today. This could be the best choice you've ever made!


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